Mix Ideas

Sachet Contents:

Each 200g sachet contains 30-40 doses (one heaped teaspoon per drink).
  • 400mg Calcium Glocumate            25%       
  • 200mg Magnesium Carbonate        50%
  • 290mg Ascorbic Acid                     97%
        Citric Acid

$1 per day for Instant CalMag-C is the best and most effective primary healthcare that anyone could give themselves.  

When you consider the cost of medical visits, prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies per member of your family, it's easy to see why Instant CalMag-C is soaring in popularity.

  • I like mine in herbal tea. Alli A.

  • I like mine blended in with my protein drink. Dean R.

  • I like mine in orange juice. Brigitte K.

  • I like mine in my milo. Nick G.